• Business Development: Requirements and Process

• Process Engineering, re-engineering, analysis. Based on our years of varied experiences BOTH within numerous verticals and at all levels of the development process, we at HTL can deliver on time and on budget, any and all phases of your next project. We can be your primary contractor and complete all your staffing requirements, or manage any or all of the members of your project. Imagine the freedom of having one place for 100% accountability and responsibility. That is what HTL loves to do.

• Strategic Planning: Business Intelligence and Analytic

• Success through efficiency is essential in the current economy. Our team delivers effective Information Management and Business Intelligence Strategies to address present challenges and help anticipate the future ones according to your needs. These strategies are geared to achieving quick benefits and long-term results.

• Our team of experts in Business Intelligence and Analytic work collaboratively with you and your people to define a Strategic Plan to transform the business into a data-driven organization. In order to develop the blueprint we assess the organization’s context and all the elements that are necessary to achieve a sustainable and scale-able analytic solution. The assessment includes Information Systems and Technology, Data Governance Policies and IT Security, Data Sources, Business Processes, staff’s knowledge base and other items that can impact the implementation of the strategy.

• Using and Maximising the Cloud

• Cloud computing is a key technologies that is transforming the role of enterprise IT departments from running back office transactional systems, to running cutting edge mission critical real-time systems.

• Sales and Marketing

• It is the 21st century and part of any sales & marketing effort needs to include the internet. SEO & SEM functions are critical however they must be in context with your business model. The Internet traffic cannot be fooled or successfully captured with tricks and technics that are only a few years old. As a matter of fact Google has destroyed business and sites for not keeping up with its desired changes for content and presentation.

Aggressive and complete roll-outs of sales & marketing initiatives using the correct blend of traditional and innovative approaches are required, and we at HTL execute with unparalleled professionalism.

• Development (Software & Systems)

Process management tools/methods: Agile, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rapid Application Development (RAD), Rapid Prototype Methodology (RPM), SDLC

QA/testing tools

Configuration Management Tools

Requirements Management Tools: such as Doors, Requisite Pro

• Requirements Management Processes such SEI/CMM, ISO, plus various in-house practices & procedures

• Tools worked with include:

IBM/Rational: Purifyplus, Quantify, RequisitePro, Rose, TeamTest, Clearcase, ClearQuest

Mercury Interactive: Test Director, Winrunner, Xrunner, Loadrunner

Telelogic,QSS: Doors, Doorsnet, CM Synergy

A large assortment of Computer Associates products (in parrelel functions to above).

• Hardware solutions and needs

Consider any and all hardware needs something taken care of. No need to have multiple venders or multiple customer service. Responsibility lies in one place. We at HTL have a long history of resolving your hardware needs that truly match your business needs.

  -- Charles Mingus ::

“Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.”


  -- Henry Ford ::

“ Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. ”


  -- George Bernard Shaw ::

“ The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. ”


  -- Harry Truman 33rd US President ::

“In reading about the lives of great men I found that the 1st victory they won was over themselves.Self-discipline with all of them came first.”


  -- Lululemon Manifesto ::

“Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle setbacks.”

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